National Indoor Plant Week

National Indoor Plant Week

This month we are celebrating all of our indoor plants with National Indoor Plant week! This national holiday takes place every year during the third week of September. National Plant Week was founded in 2007 by Mark Martin who is an award-winning plant expert.

Nowadays our plants tend to feel more like pets, not only because of their need for attention and care but also because they provide us with a lot more than just decorum.

Plants not only add a sense of comfort and zen to any space, they can also reduce unwanted noise and provide cleaner air by creating oxygen and removing carbon dioxide in whichever area of the house they are growing in. Apart from physical benefits, the mental benefits are also amazing! Did you know that plants can help increase your work performance and creativity? Not only that, having indoor plants is also linked to improved mood states, enhanced cognitive function and many more incredible benefits. 

If you don’t own any plants and still want to reap these benefits, don’t worry - It's never too late.

Check out our blog post for how to start your own Zen Microgreen Garden! Our Hamama Grow Kit is an excellent place to start as the kits require almost no maintenance, are mess-free and Hamama’s Grow Coaches are always available to answer any questions you may have. Growing your own microgreens will provide you with a variety of super nutritious microgreens that also happen to look adorable in your home. Watching the microgreens grow from seeds to plants in a matter of days is an exciting and satisfying experience for all!

Everyone is encouraged to celebrate this week even if you don’t own any plants of your own. Below are a couple of ways to do that!

  1. Purchase an indoor plant! Many local groceries and greenhouses have great deals and affordable pricing for indoor plants for those that want to start their growing journey.
  2. Visit a local conservatory! They are so beautiful and a great place to walk around and take in the benefits of plants.  
  3. Take a plant class! You can support a local organization that specializes in growing plants and you get to learn more about your favorite plants!

Let’s take this week to celebrate the amazing things that plants can do for us!

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