National Take Your Dog (Pet) to Work Day!

National Take Your Dog (Pet) to Work Day!

Hey Hamama Friends (and furry friends)!

Here at Hamama we have so much love for our furry friends and want to spotlight them any time we can! When we realized that today was National Take Your Dog to Work Day, we had to join in the fun. We took it one step further, because our team loves all animals. So we wanted to share with you the animals that make our work day so much better! You can also check out our Pet Blog to see what kind of microgreens your pet might like!

Meet Ted:

In West Sacramento, born and raised at the Hamama HeadQuarters is where he spends most of his days. Chillin’ out, maxin, relaxin all cool and standing by the b-ball court outside while the team is on break. Ted is loved by many as you can see and likes to get his tummy rubbed frequently. Ted also loves to eat chicken and, you guessed it, Microgreens!!! 🌱🐶 You can catch more of Ted on the Official Hamama Tik Tok page @hamama_greens. While you check him out, make sure you follow us!!


#broccoli microgreens. They’re good for you too! #sulforaphane

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Meet: McCree and Sombra

These two cuties keep our Grow Coach, Barbara, company while she’s answering all of your growing questions. McCree is the biggest and Sombra is a little smaller. They were named after characters from the video game Overwatch. They look like blood brothers, but they are not... They actually come from opposite ends of the country. They are very playful, energetic and as you can see photogenic. They can brighten up any room. Take in all of the cuteness. 🦮

Meet: Tuna

Tuna keeps Elle, our Digital Operations Manager, company while she is busy making our website functional and beautiful. Tuna is the cat that we all wish we had. Tuna’s talents are many, but here are a few fun facts about her: She is a world traveler, who loves spending time with dogs and kids, she can hunt down any bug or spider, and in her free time she likes to dabble in soccer! 😻

*** Hamama Fun Fact: Did you know that cats LOVE our Hamama Wheatgrass . Feel free to check out our Pets & Hamama blog here! From our understanding microgreens are safe for cats but please do talk with your vet as well.***

Meet Fluffy:

Fluffy is probably one of the kindest roosters you will ever meet. Fluffy keeps Carolyn (Curl) busy at work while she is answering your emails and cooking up tasty recipes for our website. Fluffy loves to crow all day, every day. He has a special hen friend named Coco, and loves to eat dried figs. When you walk up to him in the morning he might try to act real tough, but he loves to be held by humans. He is nothing but a big softie. 🐓

Meet: Flash

As you can see Flash is amazing! He keeps Summer busy while she assists customers with returns and other growing assistance. Flash is a Sulcata Tortoise and is around 12 years young and still growing. Flash loves to eat grass and weeds, but his favorite treat is our Kale Hamama Microgreens! If you rub his shell he will love you and show you a dance for appreciation. If you have trouble sleeping Flash has you covered. He is an expert at ASMR. His crunching sound is the best! We love Flash! 🐢

Meet: Arlo and Una

First, can we just look at those faces! The cutest! Arlo, (dark brown), and Una, (blondie) - love to love on Allie while she is busy managing and supporting the Customer Happiness Team! As you can tell they love to chill and catch some sun! Arlo loves a good snack and likes to sniff any and everything on his walks. Una loves to cuddle, go on long runs and is a total camp dog! Una also likes to “eat” water right from the water hose, but don’t tell Arlo. Arlo doesn’t really like water, he just wants to be captain of the boat, haha. You might catch them on our Tik Tok or Youtube videos! 🐕

Meet Wuhan:

Wuhan is so precious and cute! He likes to keep Yen company while she is busy providing exceptional customer service to our growers. When Wuhan is in the mood, he might give you a high five! He is not crazy about cats, but to everyone else he is a super sweetheart! 🐶

Meet Aikee and Cocomelon aka Coco:

These two darlings keep Kristine company while she is answering your growing questions with care! The brown dog’s name is Aikee! She is one of a kind. Every time Kristine and her family hold his feet and say “stretch2x” he stretches his whole body while having a big smile on his face. He is playful and very observant, but he can be a little crybaby at times! The black dog is Cocomelon, but you can call her Coco for short. She is super chill and just loves to relax and cuddle her day away. When she is not relaxing or cuddling, she is eating sausages and playing with her best friend Aikee! 🐶

Meet Sadie:

Sadie is a cutie! She likes to keep Maura busy while she is creating marketing campaigns for Hamama. Sadie is a social butterfly that loves hanging out with her friends. You can say that she is very paw-pular in the community! When Sadie’s not being social, she is a wonderful babysitter to Maura’s baby. In her spare time, she loves to run and explore in the woods! We love Sadie!! 🐶

As you can tell we love our animal friends, and are so lucky that we get to work beside them. Let us know in the comments section if you are able to bring your animal friend to work sometimes! We hope that these cuties brought a huge smile to your face! :)

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