Partner Spotlight: Chef Ietef

Partner Spotlight: Chef Ietef

Check out Chef Ietef's rad Spicy Daikon Radish Seed Quilt tie!

Meet Ietef: 

"Peace and Blessings. My name is Dr. Ietef "Dj Cavem" Vita co-founder of the Vita Earth Foundation, educator, vegan chef (Chef Ietef), O.G. (organic gardener) and the founder of eco hip-hop. My mission is to redefine the image of health and wealth while utilizing art for social change."


Chef Ietef uses his culinary and musical talents for good.  He is dedicated to combating food deserts (areas that have limited access to affordable and nutritious food) and the health epidemic that is impacting people of color communities. 

Interesting Facts about Chef Ietef:

  • His raps are about climate change and food justice.
  • He’s an educator.
  • His award-winning album fused hip hop with lessons on eco-friendliness.
  • His hometown in Denver, Colorado.
  • He has been featured in Oprah Magazine and on the Rachael Ray show!
  • Ietef and Hamama co-founders met at the Nutrition for Kids hackathon, where Ietef was a judge!

As if he doesn't already do so much, he also has his own line of organic seeds.  He offers organic seeds as a way to encourage people to start growing their own food AND as a sustainable way to distribute his latest EP BIOMIMICZ! 

BIOMIMICZ will be released as an album/seed pack to get people involved in growing their own food!

If you’d like to help make a change with Chef Ietef, check out his latest project on GoFundMe

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