Spotlight: Alma Backyard Farms

Spotlight: Alma Backyard Farms

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As some of you already know, we have been highlighting many of the benefits of Urban Gardening in our recent organization spotlights. We are so excited that many communities are starting to create and utilize urban gardens, because from that jobs are created and people are given the chance to change their lifestyle and gain a whole new perspective on the food they eat!! This week we are spotlighting the amazing Alma Backyard Farms! They are making a huge difference and positive impact by reimagining what second chances can look like to formerly incarcerated people. “Urban Farming helps everyone involved explore the relationships between plants, animals and humans as a way of creating a profound connection to both nature and their community.”

Alma Backyard Farms is located throughout the Los Angeles area in Compton/Rancho Dominguez, San Pedro, South Los Angeles and East Los Angeles! As mentioned in our Spotlight on Planting Justice, the transition from being incarcerated to being recently released is an extremely difficult position for a person to be in. Many formerly incarcerated people have a very difficult time finding a job that can provide them with the funds to live while also giving them purpose, meaning and hope. At Alma, formerly incarcerated people are given the opportunity to plant seeds of positive change to a community that they in many cases have wronged in the past!

One of the major questions that may come to mind is “how does it work?” How do you start implementing the changes in a community and make the effect be long term? Alma Backyards has multiple programs that impact their communities for the better!

The Urban Agriculture Job Training Program was created to help train and help restore the lives of formerly incarcerated women & men through hands-on technical education in urban agriculture, carpentry & landscaping.

The Farm Stand that was created at Alma Farms helps reduce food insecurities by providing the community members and restaurant partners with fresh, organic and affordable food. Occasionally, the Farm Stand will organize and host workshops on how to cook and prepare healthy food. Live music is usually performed by local artists so it is a great event for the entire family and community!

Another incredible program led by Alma Farms is the Youth Education Program! The program teaches kids about the joys of watching a seed grow into a vegetable that can then be enjoyed in a nutritious meal! This program also provides the youth with an opportunity to learn how to make healthy snacks and even how to compost in order to nourish future plants!😃️ Here is a little preview of what it’s like for the kids. These lessons are also virtual so that kids can still get the benefits from home!

Junior Farmers Episode 1: Gardening from SCCM on Vimeo.

 So many lives are touched and transformed by these urban gardens around Los Angeles! Check out the video below to learn more about the impact Alma Backyards has made by the people who work at the farm every day:

 Organizations like Alma Backyard Farms inspire and provide hope to many communities. If you are interested in learning more about Alma Farms you can visit their website here! Follow them at @almabackyardfarms on Instagram to see more of the day to day activities at the farm. Lastly, you can donate and purchase merchandise from their shop! The proceeds go directly to helping further their mission to nourish people's lives throughout Los Angeles💚 We love spotlighting communities that are being changed by urban gardens! If you know of any in your community, please share with us in the comments below. Thanks for reading! :)

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