Spotlight- Co Founder of Hamama, Camille

Spotlight- Co Founder of Hamama, Camille


This weeks shoutout goes to the co founder of Hamama, Camille!

Camille was a student at MIT and started designing and building things. As a mechanical engineer, she wanted to use her skills (along with Co-founder Daniel) to have a positive impact in people’s lives. They wanted to help create a world where anyone can grow and eat fresh food as a part of a healthy lifestyle routine.

They  started HAMAMA to bring this vision to life. Customers love their latest invention, the HAMAMA Grow Kit and Seed Quilts, their first step towards making it easy for everyone to garden in their home!  

Read more about Camille & Daniel, Hamama Co-Founders, here!


Little Camille painting her garden box (Thanks to her mom for getting her into plants from a young age)! The baby flying into the frame is her baby brother Graham! 😂💚



20 Questions with Camille!


1. What is your most unusual fear?

Finger injuries. Black Swan was not fun! Fingers are important. I think it stems from when I sprained my right thumb playing basketball in 5th grade (I promise I’m actually pretty coordinated!). Plus side is I learned to write with my left hand!


2. If you were to have any other career, what would it be?

Space farmer!


3. What is your favorite animal?

Dodo birds!!  I used to decorate my school notebooks with dodo birds. I also would not accept extinction - I hold hope there might be an island out there where I might still find a beautiful dodo.


4. If you won the lottery today, what would you do first?

Tough...take a week to calm down (that would be super exciting!) and then research and make a to-do list of what organizations to distribute it to!  I would focus on health and nutrition, water, climate change, and civil rights issues. 


5. What’s your favorite TV show?



 6. What is the weirdest tradition your family has?

Taking a clay footprint on cloth every year and making a quilt :D


7. What healthy snack can you just not get enough of?

A quick wrap of veggies and hummus nomnomnom


8. What is your favorite guilty pleasure snack?

Whatever’s saaaalllty.  I love savory and spicy foods. Less of a dessert person.


9. What is your favorite hobby?

Hiking, soccer, mushroom foraging, I can’t choose!



 10. Do you have any pets? 

 Blue-tongued skink! Spyro does not like microgreens sadly. :( 



11. What is your favorite Microgreen variety?

 Hot Wasabi Mustard - soooo tasty even on its own. Also can’t get enough Earthy Clover!!


12. Favorite candle scent?

 All about citrus!


13. Least favorite food?

 Burnt food. Some people like that…!


14. Best advice ever received?

 “Be the best you can be.”


15. What is your favorite Season?

 Spring all the way!  Yes, it’s about the plants. :) 


16. How many Seed Quilts do you have growing in your home on a given day?

 Right now 2 for eating! Peak I’ll have (for personal eating not Hamama experimental purposes) is 6 on rotation in my pantry! There’s always more around for no touchie experiments too. :D 


17. What is your favorite thing about Hamama and what you’ve created?!

 Oh my goodnessss the best thing is just seeing Hamama out in the world and having the impact that we hoped to have on people’s health and happiness!  I love seeing Hamama growers’ social media posts, emails, pics…!  Because when we first got started, it was friends and family buying, it still surprises me when a “stranger” is growing with us and becomes a part of the Hamama fam. The excitement from that hasn’t gone away! 


18. What places have you traveled to and which is your favorite?

 I drove cross-country once (favorite state on the drive was South Dakota - Badlands!), lived in Germany when I was little, taught a course in Italy, celebrated my great aunt’s 100th in Jamaica, spoke in Belgium, layover in Turkey (got to see Hagia Sophia!), worked in Israel, worked in Russia. I’ve been to Canada (Vancouver!!) too!  This makes me feel so fortunate…I love love love seeing new places!  I want to visit every US state.  My favorite place is home - I grew up outside DC in Maryland.  


19. If you had to eat the same meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

 SANDWICH! Kite Hill plain cream cheese, black olives, Earthy Clover microgreens. Go. Make. It. Now.  This is something my grandma made for my Mom and my Mom made for me.  I love that.  Earthy Clover microgreens used to be alfalfa sprouts pre-Hamama. ;)


 20. Is your energy naturally fueled or fueled by caffeine?

 Haha! My recipe for energy is one cup of coffee in the morning, constant hydration, good sleep, yummy food, working with a fun and inspiring team every day, and keeping an energizing community of wonderful Hamama friends happy and healthy!


Co Founders of Hamama- Camille and Daniel



Thank you Camille for creating such an amazing company & Team and for being a truly wonderful leader! We love you! 💚🌱


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