Spotlight: The Okra Project

October 28, 2020

Spotlight: The Okra Project

Every single person needs food. There are many things that each of us can do to help people whose basic needs are not being met. That was one of the driving forces that started Hamama. Our Co-Founders Camille and Dan created Hamama because they wanted to help create a world where anyone can grow and eat fresh food as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy food should not be a privilege; it should be a human right!

Sadly, not everyone has the access to purchase healthy food. For brown and black people this is especially true! That is why it is an honor and a privilege to spotlight The Okra Project

The Okra Project was founded by storyteller and activist Ianne Fields Stewart. Ianne had a vision and is committed to nourishing not only the bellies of black trans people, but their soul as well.

By providing fresh, healthy and culturally specific meals The Okra Project is feeding the bellies of Black Trans People wherever they have the opportunity.

Food is so important for a body to function, but spiritual and mental well being is just as important. While going through a pandemic, the black trans community is also fighting to show that their existence matters. #BlackTransLivesMatter started because so many black trans people have been killed and the public acts as if that doesn’t matter. 

So the Okra Project met the call and expanded their #FeedTheSoul initiative. The objective is to take care of the black mind, body and spirit!

Here are just some of the great programs that they have going on now:

We want to encourage everyone to support and show their love for The Okra Project. The best way to help is to donate as every donation goes directly to The Okra Project. Get creative and involve your friends and family. Every single donation counts and would be greatly appreciated!

We believe that black trans lives matter all the time, and we are dedicated to being allies to the trans community. Please visit The Okra Project website and follow them on twitter and instagram @theokraproject to stay up to date on how you can get more involved!

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