Ted Talks: A Day in the Life

Ted Talks: A Day in the Life


A Day in the Life of Ted, as Chief Exeuctive Dog

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Ted Talks 🐶

An In-depth Conversation with Ted

1. What do you do for Hamama?

They call me Office Dog, Chief Smiles Officer, among other things. Really, I'm all about making sure our Hamama community is happy inside and out - whether that means a midday snuggle or posing for photoshoots for our marketing team. 📸

2. What do you like most about working here?

It's the people of course! I love my morning routine of running into the office and saying my daily hello's in exchange for belly rubs. I also love visiting my doggie neighbors on walks. 🐕

3. What's the funniest thing you've seen happen at work?

Hmmm probably the play pen that's meant to contain me when the mailwoman comes. It just never works - I am too athletic. 📬

4. What's your favorite microgreen and why?

Cilantro! 🌿 I just go crazy for it! I think it's because it smells so good!

5. What's next for Ted?

I hope to bring more smiles to folks all around the country and to inspire Office Dogs everywhere - you can balance a successful career with meaningful impact to your humans' health and happiness. Just look at what I'm accomplishing at Hamama helping everyone eat their microgreens! 🌱

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