World Food Day

World Food Day


Happy World Food Day!


World food day is a campaign to raise awareness around world hunger and food security issues. 

The United Nation Organization's Food and Agriculture Association (FAO) was established on 16th October in 1945. To commemorate this day, World Food Day is celebrated every year on October 16th with a new theme.



Last year's theme was “Zero Hunger”. Millions of people gathered around the world to help set goals to end World Hunger. These events helped and continue to help educate those interested in learning how to make changes in their daily habits and decisions and to make a difference in the world and for themselves. 

This year, the theme is “Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together.” It is crucial in these times that we support our food heroes - farmers and all workers in the food system - who are ensuring that food is available to us despite the unprecedented challenges and disruptions from COVID-19. 



Take action and get involved! 

We as consumers have the power to influence what is produced through healthy food choices, which in turn contributes to more sustainable food systems. Here’s a list of everyday actions to become a food hero and make healthy food part of your lifestyle: 

1. Choose Healthy & Diverse
“A healthy diet contributes to a healthy life. When we choose to eat diverse foods, we encourage a variety of foods to be produced. This is not only healthier for our bodies, but healthier for soils and our environment because a diverse diet favours biodiversity!”

2. Influence Positive Will 
“You can use your social media platform to promote healthy eating and buying habits. You can get people talking about important events like World Food Day using the official hashtag, #WorldFoodDay and create a buzz for #FoodHeroes. Not online? Word of mouth spreads fast and can be just as effective!”

3. Join Initiatives

“Anyone can be an ally to food heroes. Look for volunteer opportunities at your local food bank or community kitchen. It’s a great way to be involved in collective action and support those who struggle to access food.”

4. Choose Local 

“Whenever you can, support food heroes by buying locally grown fresh food, such as from a farmers’ market in your community. In doing so, you are helping smallholder farmers that produced the food, your local economy and you are encouraging crop diversity.”

5. Choose Seasonal
“Did you know that you reduce your carbon footprint when you buy produce that’s in season? When food is out of season in one part of the world it has to be imported and travel a long way before it arrives at your local market. Eating seasonal food can also be riper, tastier and more nutritious.”

6. Grow Food at Home (Like your Hamama Greens!!! 😀 )

“If you have a green space at home, access to a garden, or a balcony with space for plant pots, you can learn how to grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs. You’ll learn a lot about how food is produced and grow your appreciation for all the work that goes into cultivating produce.”

7. Respect Food & Food Heroes
“Food loss and waste can occur throughout the food system, once it arrives at your table – you can play your part! Learning how to store uneaten food properly for another day’s meal is one way to avoid wasting perfectly good food.”

8. Support Development Initiatives 

By supporting development initiatives, such as school meal and nutrition programmes in your local community, you can raise awareness about the importance of eating well and promote healthy eating through education.”

9. Support Food-Related Businesses & Retailers

“Everyone can be an activist and put pressure on governments, private sector businesses and decision-makers to transform our food systems by making healthy food options more enticing, available and accessible; providing decent employment and protection; and sharing innovative technologies.”


Learn more on how you can get involved here! 

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