Hot Wasabi Lunch Sandwich

February 25, 2020

Hot Wasabi Lunch Sandwich

Author: Camille Richman (Hamama Team Happiness Member)

Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 0 minutes
1 sandwich


Here’s my favorite micro mustard sandwich recipe! The olive oil with a pinch of salt & pepper was to dress the Hot Wasabi Mustard microgreens. Really levels it up and adds some sauciness!!!

Camille Richman_Hot Wasabi Lunch Sandwich


- Hummus
- Tomato
- Pickles
- Bread
- Hot Wasabi Microgreens
- Olive oil
- Salt & Pepper




  1. Spread one slice of bread with hummus. (Optional: the other piece of bread with avocado) Fill the sandwich with greens, bell pepper, pickles, and tomato. Slice in half and serve.


    [Recipe inspiration from Eating Well! ]

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