Sushi Burrito With Spicy Daikon Radish and Super Salad Mix Microgreens

September 12, 2017

Sushi Burrito With Spicy Daikon Radish and Super Salad Mix Microgreens

Prep: 15 min
Makes: 1 burrito
Gluten Free, Dairy Free

A quick, refreshing, and filling meal. Roll up and eat up!

Sushi burrito with seaweed outside, rice inside, and sashimi salmon, tuna, sliced carrots, and daikon radish microgreens.


- salmon or tuna sashimi
- sushi rice
- seaweed paper
- carrots
- purple cabbage
- cucumber
- homegrown HAMAMA spicy daikon radish and/or super salad mix microgreens
- wasabi
- ginger


  1. Take one piece of the seaweed paper and lay it on a flat surface.

  2. Take 1 - 1.5 cups of sushi rice and spread over the seaweed paper evenly.

  3. Thinly slice the carrots, cucumber, and purple cabbage.

  4. Place the sashimi, vegetables and microgreens on the rice.

  5. Carefully take both ends of the wrap and fold burrito style.

  6. Set your plate with ginger, wasabi, and sprinkle with more of your homegrown microgreens!

Jonah Goodman

Jonah is a recipe developer, food photographer and clean diet expert. More of his recipes can be found on his Instagram.

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