Seed Testing

Understanding the Sell By Date on your Seed Quilt:

The sell-by date is required by law to be 1 year out from the initial germination test date. After this date, the seeds can absolutely still be sold/used, they just need to be retested to be sure that the germination rates still meet the label guarantee. They are then re-labeled or re-stickered with the new test and sell-by dates. The germination rate & quality is how seeds are judged as "good" or viable, so there really is no such thing as "fresh" or "old" seeds. They don't go bad, i.e. if the seeds are re-tested and the germination rate passes the minimum standards, they are still very much "good!" All of our seeds are tested (and re-tested if needed based on the original sell-by date) for germination % and only the ones that pass the germination standards are shipped out to our consumers. In efforts to be as eco-friendly as possible, we opt not to print all new labels for the retested Seed Quilts. Instead, we use a sticker on the outer package (on the back) to endorse that the Seed Quilt has been re-tested & has passed the germination minimums. The sticker provides a new test and sell-by date. Do you recall seeing this sticker on the outer package of your Seed Quilt before you opened it? So sorry if it was missed! You can always check our Seed Testing table online (updated monthly) here. I just want to reassure you that no matter when you buy Seed Quilts from us, you can trust that we are staying 100% up to date with testing / retesting in order to verify that all seeds are passing the germination standards. Again, seeds don't "go bad" and there is really no such thing as "fresh" seeds - it is all based on the germination rate!I hope this helps clear this up. I apologize again for the confusion and thank you for your understanding. If you are experiencing any growing issues, we are always here for you - you may also check out our virtual growing support on our YouTube channel (


This table is updated monthly, so if you don't see your Seed Quilt Lot #, it may appear at the next update.
This information covers Seed Quilts tested in 2020 and 2021.

Table Last Updated: 10/07/2021