Employee Spotlight - Jeremy

Employee Spotlight - Jeremy

This week’s employee shoutout goes to Jeremy!

Happy 1-Year Hamama-versary to Jeremy!! 🎉🌱

Jeremy is the Material Handler Team Lead here at Hamama. He supervises the Material Handler Team, keeps production at a non-stop flow and keeps our warehouse organized in tip top shape!

Jeremy was born and raised in Sacramento, California!! 🌎

He loves working at Hamama because his team feels like family rather than simply his co-workers! 👪

He loves Daikon Radish microgreens with a good burger!! 🍔

Fun Fact: Jeremy has never driven himself to work!!! :D 🚙

He LOVES working!!! If he could, he would work 12 hour shifts!! 🕧 What a guy :)

Jeremy can be very competitive, especially when it comes to poker!! ♣️🃏♥️

Thank you, Jeremy, for the hard work making sure everyone around the warehouse has the materials they need to do their best every day. We appreciate your focus on always improving in your role and improving our workplace! 💚

Grow Radish Microgreens with Jeremy!

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