Employee Spotlight- Maura

Employee Spotlight- Maura


This week's employee shoutout goes to Maura!



Maura is an integral part of our Hamama Happiness Team and helps take care of our awesome growers. She loves being able to grow her own food (including microgreens!) and create beautiful and fun dishes with her garden harvests. Maura is the creative brains behind much of our social media content and she is also pretty keen on microgreen jokes - Kale yeah, Maura!! 



Maura is originally from Hot Springs, NC and currently resides in Durham, NC! 🏡🌍

She’s dog- obsessed, rad mom to Sadie, fosters pups and dog sits! 🐕

She loves to garden and especially loves Hamama Super Salad Mix Microgreens! 🌱🌿 (see fun recipes: kids lunch, bruschetta, taco salad)


Maura loves cute, small businesses and supporting local businesses is important to her! 💚


She is obsessed with Trader Joes! Really though. Need a shopping list and she’s  your gal. 🥑🍞


She loves the outdoors and adventure! 🏃‍♀️🛶



 Thank you Maura for your hard work and dedication to Hamama! 

We love having you on the team! 🌱















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