Rad Hamama Set-Ups

September 28, 2020

Rad Hamama Set-Ups

Photo by Shannon Leigh


Hi Hamama Friends! 

One of the best things about growing your tray of Hamama microgreens is getting to create a beautiful space for them to live and grow! The key part about growing your greens is that our system was specifically designed for an indoor growing environment. We’ve seen so much creativity in tray placement from on the kitchen island, to shelves, windowsills, on a boat (for real!) or even homemade tray holders!

So whenever you’re thinking about creating a super rad setup for your Hamama trays, what should you consider? 


Microgreens grow great in low light so you can place them in a windowsill (avoid this if there is a cold draft) or just in a room with regular indoor ceiling lighting! Also just be mindful not to expose them to direct, hot sunlight as this can damage the delicate microgreens.

If you’d like, you may also supplement with a desk lamp or grow lights, after peeling the top paperback, to give them the photons they desire. This addition would let them bush out a bit more and the cotyledons (first leaves) to really enlarge. 

Photo by Theresa Ramirez David


The best rule of thumb is that if it's comfortable for you, it will be comfortable for your plants! Anything between 65-80 F is best. The warmer they are in that range, the faster they will grow on time with predictable health though.


Know what you’re growing: 

Do you love the little Seed Quilt label that allows you to keep track of growing time, peel time, and other fun facts about your microgreens? Add-on the Seed Quilt Label Holder to your next refill. Some growers love to use their felt boards or a cute dry erase board to track their Seed Quilts!

Storing your extra Seed Quilts: 

Our ungrown Seed Quilts last well over a year & the best way to store them is in a cool, dark place like your pantry! 🙂 Cool temps & dry air are best (ideal temperature of 50ºF at 50 percent humidity)! Mainly, just watch out for heat/humidity/sunlight exposure while storing as that can lessen the seed’s viability. 

Do you have one of our nifty Seed Quilt organizers? These are perfect for storing 9 Seed Quilts horizontally or 18 Seed Quilts vertically! They’re super easy to put in the pantry or on display next to your growing greens! 

Get Your Seed Quilt Organizer Here

P.S. Did you know that not all of our growers are in an apartment or a house? Some constantly have their greens on the go

We’d love to see your Rad Hamama Set Up! Email them to us at contact@hamama.com, we’d love to see and share!

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