Transitioning to Fall Gardening

Transitioning to Fall Gardening

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, there are a few adjustments to consider when maintaining your greens. In the Summer we are gifted with high temperatures and early sunshine that lasts until the late hours of the evening! In the Fall however, we start to get a lot less sun and a drop in temperature. Just like you adapt to these changes in weather by pulling out your sweaters, boots and jackets, your greens also need to adapt to keep up with the changes!

Microgreens grow great with little to no light so don’t worry if your usual sunny spot for them becomes a little less bright 🌞 The less light they have, the taller your greens can get as they will stretch themselves out trying to reach it! If you like your greens to be a little fuller and the leaves bigger, you can always supplement them with a desk lamp or other source of light! 

Did you know that microgreens hate the cold!? ⛄ They may not be able to wear sweaters but if they could, they definitely would! Exposing your greens to cold weather can cause them to slow down their growth cycle. This can sometimes cause them to be delayed by several days! To avoid this, try keeping them within 65-80 F. If kept warm and cozy, they will have a normal and more predictable growing cycle! Remember our rule of thumb: if it’s comfortable for you, it’ll be comfortable for your greens!  

If you live somewhere really hot and dry and are used to adding more water to your tray mid-grow in the summertime, you may need to adjust that as well! Click here to see our watering tips! Depending on where you live, you won’t have to supply your greens with more water like you would during the summer season. We always recommend only adding additional water to your tray if it runs out prior to harvesting. Remember never to fill back to the fill line. Only add enough to reach the base of your coco mat! Adding more water when not necessary can cause your greens to become water-logged which stunts their growth.

We love a great transition into Fall and so will your greens with these small adjustments. 

The only thing that could make it better is a small little sweater for your tray!


* Fun Fall Gardening Tips *

  • Create a festive Fall tablescape and be sure to include your Hamama tray! Our Bamboo Frame adds a rustic and warm touch! Include different shaped/colored gords, pumpkins, indian corn, and pine cones, etc. If you are antsy for Halloween, check out this blog post about decorating your Jack-O-Lanterns with your Hamama greens!! Have fun with it!
  • Plant or set out potters of mums, pansies, hyacinths and asters
  • This is the time to plant Spring bulbs like daffodils or tulips! 
  • Plant frost-tolerant like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, parsnips, spinach, radishes, onions, garlic, turnips, beets & carrots! 
  • Prune trees and shrubs
  • Rake and compost fallen leaves

Have fun Fall gardening or decorating tips? Share with us below! 🍂

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