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Earthy Clover (Organic)

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Mild earthy, nutty, cool & juicy. Clover microgreens are very similar in taste & texture to Alfalfa! They are especially great as a sandwich or soup topper, and in wraps & salads.

Family: Poaceae

Peel Time: 5-6 Days

Grow Time: 8-10 Days

Flavor: Mild earthy, nutty, cool & juicy. Very similar in taste & texture to alfalfa sprouts!

Appearance: Clover micros are very dense and short - peaking at about 1.5-2 inches!

Nutritional Highlight: Clover microgreens are packed with calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. Clover greens provide protein, fiber, calcium, iron, vitamin C and folate.

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