🌱 Cucumbery Borage 10-Pack 🥒

Everything you need to grow microgreens. Just add water! Works in low light.

Cucumbery Borage Seed Quilt 10-Pack

ALL NEW: Borage Microgreens! Bring fresh flavor, luxurious texture, and a gourmet look to all your meals with homegrown borage microgreens! This juicy microgreen grows luscious stems and leaves that taste exactly like cucumber with a hint of watermelon. Cucumbery Borage Microgreens bring a refreshing crunch you don’t want to miss.


  • 10 Organic Cucumbery Borage Seed Quilts

Works in low light. All organic, non-GMO seeds.

Grow tray and bamboo frame sold separately.

Limited Time Offer

As a limited time offer, this product is not guaranteed, refundable, or replaceable. To make the most of your Cucumbery Borage Seed Quilts, click here for tips on getting the perfect harvest!