A Lookback at Summer 2020

A Lookback at Summer 2020

Hi Hamama Friends!

As the summer days fade away, we would like to give Summer 2020 a proper farewell with a recap of all the amazing things that happened here at Hamama in these last few months!

In June, we were featured on the Deals and Steals segment of Good Morning America. It was such an exciting time for Hamama! As Tory Johnson of Deals and Steals said, "It is the easiest thing. It's kind of a confidence builder for those without a green thumb. You kind of grow this and say do I have a green thumb or what?" We are so grateful that we were able to welcome new happy growers to our Hamama family. Check out the clip below (we are featured at 8:30):

Want to join our amazing crew of Hamama growers? Already growing with us but could use extra grow trays to double up on your harvests? Head to our shop page to see our Starter Kits, Gifts, Seed Quilt refills, extra Grow Trays, and Hamama accessories today!

* In July, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of our first happiness team member Carolyn, also known as “Curl”! Head over to our blog to learn more about Curl & the rest of your Hamama Team!

We also got up close and personal with our Co-Founder Camille! We found out so many interesting facts about her. We already knew that she was amazing, and after reading her spotlight we were able to confirm her awesomeness. Don’t take my word for it, go check her out on our blog.


In August, we joined forces with earth friendly Grove Collaborative! Now you can get your Hamama Starter Kit,Mrs. Myers, and other safe, sustainable home supplies at the same time! Grove started as an idea between three friends talking in a spare bedroom in San Francisco: what if it was easy to find healthier home essentials? The belief that what we bring into our homes contributes to that homey, cozy feel prompted them to try to make their idea a reality. Such a natural fit, right?! We’re so excited to be a part of your mission, Grove!

We also partnered with The Sill! The Sill is the source that bridges the gap between plants and people, offering products and services that fit with your personal style, your lifestyle, and your budget. They also have the cutest merchandise - check out the Brands We Love section on their site so you can look cute while making your house greener :)

This Summer, in attempts to combat the social distancing dilemma, we created fun activities and delicious snack ideas for kids to do at home. From toddlers to teenagers, we have you covered! 

Microgreen Growing for Kids

Feed your kids' curiosity with a fun and informative activity sheet all about microgreens!

Picture Credit: Shanie Belferman                                                                                     

Hamama Kids Lunch Prep

Back to school time is here! Hamama to the rescue with some fun lunchtime meals that include healthy microgreens for the kiddos!

Hamama Goes to College- The Perfect Care Package

As your college kids head off to school, we’ve gathered a few fun items to help you create the perfect care package!

* This Summer, we grew so much that we needed a new home, so we moved! Check out the new home of our production and fulfillment teams. Shoutout to you guys - the heartbeat of Hamama - who work so hard to make sure that every order is handled with care and love. This new warehouse, more than double in size, provides our team with more space to ship your orders more efficiently!

Now that you have seen the new warehouse, meet some of the amazing people who work inside. Head over to the blog to get to know some of your caring warehouse team members a little better!

* We chatted with Sarah Phillipp, an integrative health and wellness coach & owner of Abundelicious! She’s an expert in creating nourishing habits + intuitive eating for the tired, wired, and overwhelmed! Check out what she has to say about Hamama microgreens here!

We also loaded up our site with research studies, Hamama partnership spotlights, and Hamama Hacks (growing tips, transporting how-tos, which to share with your pets and more)! Head to the blog to see! 

Finally, we launched our brand new Green Onion Kit!! This is your answer to growing green onions at home! We sold out of our first pre-order in less than 8 hours, so be sure to join the wait-list up here to stay updated on the next batch of Green Onion Kits!


It sure is hard to encapsulate everything we did this Summer in one blog post, so we encourage you to scope out our website (more updates to come!), including the recipes and blog pages. 

None of this could be possible without YOU, our wonderful group of Hamama growers! We thank you so much for your continued support and engagement. Here are a few of our favorite 2020 Summer recipe contributions from our Hamama Friends Facebook group:

 Photo by Karen Chervenak Wiser


 Photo by David LaForce

 Photo by Kirsten Smith

 Photo by Andrea Kane

 Photo by Sophak Op

 Photo by Kelly King Corbin

 Photo by Cheryl Ramos


As we fall into autumn, please continue to send us your gorgeous and inspiring Hamama creations. Also stay tuned for all the fun and exciting things that we are cooking up here at Hamama

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