Hamama Goes to College: The Perfect Care Package

Hamama Goes to College: The Perfect Care Package

As your college kids head off to school, we’ve gathered a few fun items to help you create the perfect care package!

Of course, we’d start this care package list with our Hamama Starter Kit! This is the coolest way to add a little bit of veggies to your kid’s diet, even if they are miles away from home. Slightly smaller than a textbook, they fit nicely in a dorm windowsill or on a desk. Your student will be able to watch their nutritious greens grow while studying for those exams or taking their virtual classes. 

Hamama Starter Kit Gift


If you’d like to tuck the Hamama Starter Kit Gift into your homemade care package, check out this Gift Kit. There’s no subscription included, so you don’t have to worry about forwarding it on. However, if you want your student to continue receiving Seed Quilts, consider our Starter Kit with a subscription. Who doesn’t love receiving a healthy & delicious monthly care package each month!? The subscription renews automatically every 35 days, so your Hamama love will keep on giving each month, and your kid will be reminded that you’re thinking of them!

Fun fact: With our always flexible subscription, it’s super easy to skip over refills for when young adults are home for the holiday break!

**Pictured above is the Bamboo Starter Kit Gift!**

Harvesting Kit

Send them a Harvesting Kit to make it fun & easy to harvest their freshly grown microgreens The harvesting kit includes a Stasher bag that helps to preserve the greens for up to a week in a fridge and keep them fresh, and a natural fiber bamboo scrub brush to keep their grow tray clean! You can even select their favorite color Stasher Bag: we have Clear, Lime, Aqua, and Rose Quartz options.

Tupperware (microwave safe is the best!)

If a couple of food storage pieces weren’t packed up in all the chaos of back-to-school shopping, this is a great option, as storage always has so many purposes. They can hold microgreens, leftover mac and cheese, or the half of the breakfast bagel that wasn’t eaten yet. 


Everyone ends up with the munchies; it’s just a part of being in college! In addition to easy to grab snacks (hello Cheez-its, animal crackers, and baby goldfish!), think creatively for a healthier alternative!

Here are some fun ideas:

  • Send a box of buttery crackers, a $5 gift card to their local grocery store, and they can have cheese + crackers + microgreens!
  • Send Pringles or Sea Salted Saddle Potato Crisps from Trader Joes, a $10 gift card to their grocery store for bruschetta and some shredded cheese, top with microgreens!
  • If they have a blender, smoothies are a great option!
  • Applesauce Pouches
  • Protein Bars

We also have fun, easy appetizers that can be created in a dorm kitchen or college apartment!

Classic College Meals

If you need some ideas to keep your kid's tummy full when the dining hall or restaurants are closed, you can never go wrong with a box of mac and cheese, some Ramen packs, or some cans of soup! 

It’s super-duper easy to add put some microgreens from your tray directly into all of these meals! Here are some of our favorites:

Don’t be fooled; sometimes they just need a few ideas of what they can prepare for themselves. We shared a fun Hamama Kids Lunch Prep post recently, and the best part about it is, it’s not just for little kids!

The Essentials

The essentials are the perfect fillers for any care package. College students are stoked when they don’t have to pay for these things.

    • Another Mask
    • Ibuprofen 
    • Vitamin C
    • Band-Aids
    • Sunscreen
    • Soap
    • A roll of toilet paper
    • Pack of Gum
    • Coffee Gift Card

A Note from the ‘rents!

Show your kiddo that you’re thinking of them! While they’ll be stoked to plant their new Seed Quilt, I guarantee they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and love. Everyone loves a little card or seeing their parents' handwriting. Don’t forget to mention that you want updates on their growing experience, it’s a great way to make sure they’re doing okay :D

Do you have other fun care package ideas? Drop them in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you!

Happy Mailing!



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