Diary of a Hot Wasabi Mustard Microgreen! 🔥🌱

February 25, 2020

Diary of a Hot Wasabi Mustard Microgreen! 🔥🌱

The Hot Wasabi mustard microgreen is such a tantalizing treat for your taste buds! These greens are spicy, bold, and have a horseradish & mustard flavor. These microgreens act all cool & calm up front, then give you a burst of spicy and peppery wasabi flavor towards the end! The heat does not linger; it mellows nicely! They make a pungent garnish to Asian and Southern cuisines, sandwiches, and salads. A must-try if you like the heat! The seeds are ORGANIC too! Right on! 

For this variety, it’s 5-7 days until peel time & about 10 days until harvest time. Your Hot Wasabi Mustard microgreens will grow to about 2-3 inches tall and have pale green stems with bright green leaves.


Day 1- Get your Hot Wasabi Mustard Seed Quilt Planted! 

YAY- Let’s do this! For setup, just follow the simple Hamama instructions like you always do! Here is an electronic link if you need a little refresher: https://www.hamama.com/pages/how-to-grow 


Day 2- Not so Patiently Waiting!

Nothing much to note quite yet; Just anxiously waiting to see these babies do their thing!! A little insight on my growing conditions this time around: 

-House is at about 67 degrees.

-The Grow Tray (NEW Ceramic 😍) is located by a window with about 3 hours of natural light a day (when I leave the blinds are open!). 

-Other light source: regular indoor ceiling lighting.

-No other plants or fruit baskets are nearby


Day 3- I’m rooting for you!  

The paper top has puffed up slightly from the growth of the seeds. Right on track! 


Day 4- BRB, googling Wasabi Mustard Microgreen recipes… 

Perfectly puffed but not quite ready to peel in my case. Anxiously awaiting this hot wasabi kick on my meals…!!!


Day 5: Getting ready to bust out! 

Definitely ready to peel the paper top soon to give these microgreens the necessary airflow and light they need to continue growing strong! 


Day 6- Helllllllllo, my pretties! Time to Peel! 

These hot wasabi mustard micros look pretty green right after the peel in my case. They still show areas of golden hues which is normal. Beautiful! 


Day 7- Perfectly green!

So lush and dense! Since getting more light and airflow after the peel, the microgreens have turned vibrantly green! They are about ½ inch tall at this point.


Day 8


Day 9- Almost ready to harvest!

These are almost 2 inches now, which is perfect because the Wasabi mustard microgreens range from 2-3 inches are so dense and lush! If you’re familiar with our Energizing Kale Seed Quilts, the Hot Wasabi Mustard has a very similar harvest-ready look in terms of lushness, color, and height!


Day 10- Harvest Day!

These were ready to harvest on day 10. Pale green stems, bright green & plush leaves, almost 3 inches tall & dense. Use this as a general rule of thumb as they will vary by season and your growing environment :)


Storing your Microgreens: 

These can be harvested at around 2-3 inches. They can be harvested by cutting or even pulling up, & stored in a ziplock bag (or the Stasher bag) in the fridge for a week or so! If you prefer to munch on them while they are in the tray, the mature greens can remain there for a few extra days, but please periodically check that they have enough water to drink! Otherwise, they will wilt over! 😢

Some growers ask if the mature microgreens should be rinsed before use! When the microgreens are ready to harvest you don't need to wash them, but you can if you want. Whatever you feel comfortable with! Since there’s no soil, they’re already super clean. Most folks who do rinse do so if they have pets who might be snooping around in them lol :D The most important thing you should do for cleanliness is to treat them just like any other food item and always wash your hands when handling! *For longer storage, don’t rinse the harvested microgreens before storing. Instead, put them in your ziplock bag in the fridge & rinse just before eating, if desired!


How to eat your Hot Wasabi Mustard Microgreens: 

Use these delicious microgreens as a garnish on Southern & Asian cuisine, sushi, sandwiches/burgers, salads, and more!

Check out our 7 Hot Wasabi Mustard Recipes showcasing recipes created by your Team Happiness crew! 

Here are a few other recipes for inspiration:

From The Roasted Root:  Ground Turkey Egg Roll BowlsGarlic Lemon Herb Pan-fried Salmon, or 30 minute Broccoli Beef 

From SpoonForkBacon: Kimchi Fried Rice 

From cdkitchen: Seared Tuna with Wasabi sauce

From No Spoon Necessary: Bourbon Plum Chicken

From The Fitchen: Vegan Pot Pies with Cornbread Crust

From Connoisseurus Veg: Vegan Baked Beans

From Notions and Notations of a Novice Cook: Fried Green Tomato Sandwich 

From Pinch of Yum: Dynomite Plant Powered Sushi Bowls


See what fellow growers are saying about our new Wasabi Mustard Microgreens on our Hamama Friends Facebook page! 



-Something to note here: Make sure you do not overfill your tray with water because these seeds seem more sensitive to over-watering than some of the other Seed Quilt flavors. Definitely drain excess water if you notice that you filled a little too high past the fill line at setup!

-These tend to have very long roots! Don't be alarmed, you can eat them if you want (make sure your water source is clean of course)! Long hair don't care 😎


Try our new Wasabi Mustard microgreens and let us know what you think in the comments below! 👇 Much love, Hamama friends! -Allie :)

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