Employee Spotlight- Ivy

Employee Spotlight- Ivy

This week’s employee shoutout goes to Ivy!

Ivy is a part of our Hamama Production Team. She helps produce Seed Quilts for fulfillment. She is such a team player who brings so much positivity into every situation. You can trust that she fulfills each of your orders with the love and care you deserve!

A little about Ivy:

Ivy is from America Samoa & now resides in Sacramento, CA! 🌎

She loves to hike, read, eat and watch Netflix in her free time especially when hanging with her siblings and parents! 👣📚🍜📺

She is super friendly & lovable! 💕😊

She loves broccoli & kale microgreens on her sandwiches or any cooked meal in general! 🥗🥙🌱

 Ivy loves being an overachiever, being a team player, and helping her coworkers with anything they need and always being positive! ❇️💚


Ivy is such an MVP production team member, always crushing production quotas and like she says - OVERACHIEVING!! :D
We are so lucky to have Ivy on our team. Thank you for being such a fun spirit and outstanding performer at Hamama, Ivy, we are so thankful for you!  💚

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