Hearty Broccoli (Organic)

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Our Broccoli Microgreens are very versatile! They make a great addition or garnish to any dish because they complement most flavors without overpowering them. Try them on top of pizza, soup, eggs, stir fry & pasta or toss them in a salad, wrap, or smoothie!

Family: Brassicaceae

Peel Time: 4-5 Days

Grow Time: 10 Days

Flavor: Mild, fresh, & slightly bitter. Tastes similar to mature broccoli but is a bit milder.

Appearance: Broccoli microgreens tend to be a richer green color than most other varieties.

Nutritional Highlight: High in iron, minerals, Vitamins A and C, and sulforaphane which is linked to cancer prevention.1

Rich in carotenoids, phenolics, minerals, and vitamins (antioxidants / cancer-fighting properties.2

One would need to eat ~ 42% less mass of microgreens to obtain the same amount of minerals present in a serving of raw broccoli florets!3

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