Expand your Hamama Garden this Fall

Expand your Hamama Garden this Fall

It is that time of the year where we pack away our flip flops and shorts and exchange them for boots and sweaters. It is officially pumpkin spice season! Fall has finally arrived and we are so excited to welcome this new season! Since most of our outdoor gardening will break until next Spring, one of the best ways to transition into fall is by expanding your indoor Hamama garden. By expanding your Hamama garden, you can still have access to a delicious variety of fresh greens throughout the colder months. Plus, growing your greens with Hamama is as easy as [pumpkin] pie! :D  

Check out our Transition into Fall Gardening blog for some tips on gardening and growing with Hamama during the fall.  

We make expanding your microgreen garden super easy! We have spent the past few months launching some awesome products, which will be a perfect addition to Hamama Garden. Here are just a few of the new goodies that we offering:


Our new radish varieties are a colorful (and tasty) addition to our Seed Quilt offerings. When grown together, they will add a touch of color to your house and a punch of flavor to any meal you create. Imagine garnishing your meals with these beauties! 😍

We loved these flavors so much that we nestled them all together in our Rainbow Radish Mix Seed Quilt. We’ve now added these new radish Seed Quilt flavors to your subscription refill options so you can receive these tasty flavors every month!


You asked, we delivered... We now carry cilantro to add to your Hamama garden! It is our very first herb-microgreen with a citrusy, savory, aromatic and slightly sweet taste. Plus, it can help promote a healthy immune system and aid digestion, reduce inflammation, and boost vitamin A for healthy skin! Trust me, this is a flavor that you’ll always want in you growing rotation😋. You can use these tasty greens in anything from tacos to a detoxifying smoothie. Our team collected some of our favorite recipes using this microherb - check them out in our free recipe ebook to get you started. If you try it, be sure to check out our Cilantro Growing diary on our blog and on our YouTube channel! Also check out our TikTok videos featuring cilantro here. Is your mouth watering yet!?

Our new Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar set is the perfect way to take your meals to the next level and boost your nutrient intake and absorption. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is super fresh and full of flavor. It’s fruity, a little green, grassy, and spicy (that spicy kick is full of antioxidants!). The balsamic vinegar has been aged in barrels for years for a rich and layered flavor you’ll love. Its lower acidity and sweetness is a perfect complement to our olive oil. This set is a great kitchen staple to have in your pantry year-round, whether you are preparing a salad or cooking up some salmon. Snag your free Summer Recipes eBook featuring our new olive oil and balsamic vinegar here!


We are so excited about all of our new Hamama goodies and can’t wait for you to try them! If you’re pumped up and ready to expand your Hamama garden, here is a great way to start: Our Stock Up Bundle is the easiest way to expand your Hamama garden at a great value. You get three FREE grow trays and 36 Seed Quilts of your choice! If you start growing multiple trays at once, consider getting our Seed Quilt Organizer and Grow Shelf. It will make for a stunning display of your Hamama Garden!

As you continue to expand your Hamama Garden this fall, be sure to send us pictures of your garden setup! Be sure to stay tuned for all the fun and exciting things that we are cooking up here at Hamama!


Happy Fall!

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