National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

Attention all parents and guardians! Today is National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day. So pull up a chair, kick back and relax and let the kids handle the meals. Well not fully relax 😂,  but invite the kids to help cook dinner. Some of the best memories are made in the kitchen, and it is a great way to discuss how everyone's day was. It is also a great opportunity to teach your kids about different flavors and vegetables and how to maintain healthy eating habits!

I know that it can feel overwhelming having little hands in the kitchen, but it is such an exciting and beneficial experience for kids to be involved in the kitchen! Hamama microgreens are such a wonderful addition to any meal! So we wanted to provide you with some awesome recipes to prepare for the kids to take over!

Pro-Tip: Involve your kids from start to finish! Have them choose the microgreen flavor, plant the Seed Quilt, harvest the greens, and garnish the meal you make together! Watch these two kiddos demonstrate how to grow microgreens at home with Hamama!

Fajitas are a total crowd pleaser and they are really versatile. Kids can choose their favorite protein, veggies and toppings! They are fun for kids to assemble as well - just load the fillings into a tortilla and top it off with a variety of yummy toppings, including fresh Hamama microgreens :) We also just added cilantro to our list of growing products, so this will help make your salsa or pico extra tasty. We created a really fun and delicious recipe that we think you and the kids in your life will love!


I am confident that this new take on pizza will be a HUGE hit with your little loved ones! I mean, who doesn’t like pizza! Making homemade pizza is really fun for kids, and it can make a regular weeknight into something special and memorable! Just like fajitas, homemade pizzas are super versatile- the sky's the limit for topping options and combinations. Our pizza recipe is super unique and yummy, and can be a great way to introduce some different veggies to your kids! Be sure to check out our other homemade pizza recipes too! Warning: The kids might start asking to have homemade pizza night every week :)

We couldn’t celebrate this day without sharing a sweet treat for the kids! :) These brownies are loved by parents and kids alike because not only are they super tasty, they are also really healthy (sneaky, sneaky!). Who knew it was so easy to add veggies into sweet treats! If you try this recipe with the kiddos in your life, please let us know how they like it!

We want you to enjoy this time with your little Sous-chef. The best part about this day is that you get to spend some extra quality time with your kids while enjoying some delicious and healthy meals. Whether you use our recipes or something of your own, please remember to share your picture with us on Instagram  or tag us in a fun cooking video on TikTok ! If you are lucky, you may just capture moments like this!😃️ 

Happy Cooking!

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