World Sandwich Day Roundup

World Sandwich Day Roundup

Whether you pile your sandwich high or low, use thin bread, thick bread, open face or closed, it’s a good sandwich! 
National Sandwich day on November 3rd should be celebrated by whipping together any type of sandwich you cravefrom a grilled cheese or BLT to a PB & J orPo’ name it! Cold sandwiches, hot sandwiches, fresh veggies, cheeses &sauces - Just don’t forget your Hamama Greens!!! 

History of the Sandwich:
John Montagu was the 4th Earl of Sandwich in the shire of Kent in England who was in charge of a territory in the King’s stead. He loved to play card games and was well known to order meat and with two slices of bread to put around the meat so his fingers wouldn’t get grease on the cards. The rumor spread about the town about his meat with bread and others wanted the same thing. They then began to ask when ordering food if they could have “The same as Sandwich”. Eventually this became just “Sandwich” when ordering. National Sandwich Day celebrates both Montagu for creating such a delightful meal and sandwiches!

How to Observe #NationalSandwichDay:
Make sure you get out with friends or family and go to or order from your local sandwich shops, food trucks or make some sandwiches at home! Have your favorite or create something new! Share with us your delightful recipes and top your sandwich off with some nutritional and flavorful Hamama Greens

Check out some of our Hamama friend sandwich recipes below! :D

What’s your favorite sandwich?!

Share with us below and use #nationalsandwichday on your social media posts!


My fave sandwich is served pressed & hot - like a panini! The (gluten free) bread needs a toasty, golden brown crust and the sandwich has to have some gooey cheese, spicy giardiniera, and of course some Zesty Hamama greens! Beyond that, I am game for pretty much whatever :D


I prefer hot sandwiches ONLY! Just like Allie, I love paninis, or any grilled, pan fried or oven roasted sandwich. I love fancy cheeses, pesto spread and really yummy sauces to go with it. I go mostly vegetarian, but will put some meat on a sandwich too!


I love the classic pb&j! Any bread at any time of the day! :) 


My favorite sandwich is the classic Mexican torta! I especially like it with steak or chicken and smothered in hot sauce! Can’t forget the fresh tomatoes, sour cream and queso fresco - yum!


My favorite sandwich is a vegan grilled cheese on whole grain & seed bread, with fire-roasted red peppers, grilled onions,  2 slices of avocado and topped with Hamama Energizing Kale microgreens!


My go-to sandwich is a toasted panini with grilled chicken, pesto, avocado, mozzarella cheese, and Super Salad microgreens!

Wanna make your own sandwich with microgreens?

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