Hamama Pets Pick their Favorite Microgreens

June 20, 2022

Hamama Pets Pick their Favorite Microgreens

We're celebrating Take Your Pet to Work Day with a little tribute to our best friends. 🐶

Pets bring so much joy and provide endless love, so there's no better way to repay them than with a fresh & healthy treat like microgreens.

Ted loves Cilantro, Gus is all about the Broccoli life, and Drogo thinks he's clever because he loves Clover... read on to meet Team Hamama's pets and discover their favorite greens! 🌱

Hamama Team Member: Camille, Co-founder & CEO

Name & Breed: Ted, Silky Terrier

Age: 10 years

Favorite Activity: Ted loves frolicking off leash in nature. 🐶

Favorite Microgreen: Culinary Cilantro

Hamama Team Member: Carolyn, Happiness Grow Coach

Name & Breed: Gus, French Bulldog

Age: 6 months

Favorite Activity: Sunbathing on the front porch ☀️

Favorite Microgreen: Hearty Broccoli

Hamama Team Member: Allie, Customer Happiness Manager

Name & Breed: Arlo (darker) & Una (blondie), Pitbulls

Age: Arlo is 2 years and Una is 3 years.

Favorite Activity: Arlo loves lounging, snacking, socializing and going for walks. Una loves hiking, bonfires, playing in water and being outside! 🐕

Favorite Microgreen: Spicy Daikon Radish

Hamama Team Member: Barbara, Happiness Grow Coach

Name & Breed: Sombra & McCree, Lab Mixes

Age: Sombra is 1.5 years and McCree is 3.5 years.

Favorite Activity: Playing fetch and swimming 🐾

Favorite Microgreen: Sweet Wheatgrass

Hamama Team Member: Colleen, Supply Chain & Logistics Supervisor

Name & Breed: Drogo, Labradoodle

Age: 1.5 years

Favorite Activity: Making new friends and playing with his brother, Hagrid. 🐕🐕

Favorite Microgreen: Earthy Clover

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