National Picnic Day!

National Picnic Day!

Hi Hamama Friends!

What’s better than enjoying a lovely meal? Enjoying that meal outside, on a nice blanket, while taking in the warm Spring air! National Picnic day lands on April 23rd and we are so ready for it 🙌

Picnics bring a rustic charm to any meal and the best part is that you can curate them to your liking or mood that day. You can make them fancy or simple, big or small, even as a full out friend function or a solo day trip to your favorite park. Whatever the reason, we got you covered with some Hamama-fied picnic-friendly recipes! So grab your favorite basket, cooler and blankets and join us as we celebrate the arrival of Spring 🌻

You don’t have to confine National Picnic Day to just April 23rd! Enjoy the warm weather this Spring and Summer season and be sure to lettuce know your favorite picnic recipes using Hamama Microgreens! 😍

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