National Taco Day!

National Taco Day!

Hey Hamama Friends, it’s National TACO day on Sunday, October 4th!!  

For National Taco Day this October 4, try out some of the countless taco variations using traditional meats, seafood, beans, cheese and even eggs! Don’t skimp in the garnishes! Salsa, cilantro, avocado, tomatoes, pickled or diced onions, jalapenos and of course your favorite Hamama greens (radish and zesty mix are my personal favorites for garnishing tacos) bring your taco game to the next level of tastiness!

History of the Taco

For such a popular food, the exact history of the taco is oddly unknown. According to taco expert Jeffrey M. Pilcher, the word originates from the silver mines in Mexico in the 18th century, when taco referred to the little explosives workers used to extract the ore. These were pieces of paper wrapped around gunpowder and placed into holes carved in the rock. When you picture it, a chicken taquito with a good hot sauce is pretty similar to a little stick of dynamite! :D

How to observe #NationalTacoDay

It’s time to have some tacos! Go out for tacos (check out your local taco joints or chain restaurants for special National Tacos Day deals) or make them at home. There are many traditional varieties of tacos - Try a style of taco you’ve never had before! While you’re celebrating be sure to share recipes and give a shout out to your favorite Mexican restaurants, food trucks, and taco stands. Be sure to top them with your favorite Hamama microgreens for an extra burst of flavor and nutrients! 

We’ve shared our personal faves & rounded up some of our favorite taco recipes!

Camille: OO I love tacos! I was in San Diego for a weekend last year and had the taco of my dreams there. It was a soft tortilla that had been crisped a tad with cheese.  Inside was a bit of rice, wild mushrooms, and some amazing special salsa - must have been a pico de gallo variation. It was topped with cilantro microgreens too!! At home I’ll often make a simple rice, bean, guacamole, and salsa taco - one of my favorite quick dinners!

Carolyn: My all-time favorite taco is….ALL TACOS!!! I can’t really say which one is my favorite. I will eat any and all kinds of tacos! Vegan, vegetarian, meat, you name it! I love a good cream sauce to go with it or some really good spicy hot sauce and a sprinkle of cheese and fresh vegetables. If you have any new recipes, let me know because I will make it! :D

Barbara: My favorite tacos are made with slightly charred corn tortillas and chorizo! Gotta have lots of crema and a ridiculous amount of green salsa. Can’t forget the radish microgreens!

Elle: My favorite tacos are simple, vegan and full of flavor! To make this version of Vegan Tacos Al Carbon, use corn tortillas, shredded jackfruit, white onion, a little cilantro and some pico de gallo or hot sauce, garnish with Hamama broccoli or kale microgreens and you’ve got the best taco ever! 🌮💃 A sweet treat on the side to complete the meal would be horchata! 🥤

Maura: My go-to tacos are crunch taco shells filled with ground beef, fresh chopped roma tomatoes, avocado chunks, Super Salad microgreens, topped with elote (Mexican street corn) and yes, extra cotija cheese!

Brittany: I love anything wrapped in a warm corn tortilla! Just make sure that it has extra salsa and cheese please!!!

Allie: I could eat tacos all day, every day! My all-time favorite tacos include freshly made soft corn tortillas, carnitas (super flavorful Mexican pulled pork that is crisped up in the broiler to get that juicy-crunchy combo), pickled red onions, fresh guacamole, hot sauce, and loads of cilantro and radish microgreens!


Allie’s Carnitas Tacos  


Camille’s vegetarian buffalo chickpea tacos!

Elle’s Vegan Tacos Al Carbon


Taco Bowls:

Maura’s One-Pan Blue Chip Taco Bowl

Allie’s Vegetarian Jackfruit Taco Bowl

Elle’s Vegetarian Cuban Burrito Bowl

Something Different: 

Allie’s Falafel Tacos with Chipotle Tzatziki  


What’s your favorite Taco recipe? Share with us below & use #nationaltacoday on your social media posts! Happy eating!

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