It's the 31 Days of Hamama-ween!

It's the 31 Days of Hamama-ween!

It's Hamama-ween once again!

Team Hamama's favorite time of the year is here, and we can't wait to share 31 ways to celebrate this spooky fun season with you and your family. 🍁🌱🎃

Day 1 - Trick or Treat, Give Me Sweets! Give me a Sorbet I’d Love to Eat!

Day 2 - A healthy lunch/dinner is what your kids need before a night of trick or treating!

Day 3 - Your kids may be too excited to have dinner, but give them this quick bite to get them through the Halloween evening!

Day 4 - Don’t feel like going out this Halloween? Stay home and enjoy your Hamama microgreens, or find out the 10 reasons why you should grow them at home!

Day 5 - Cold outside and not ready for Halloween just yet? Refresh and feel tropical with this Tropical Vibes Papaya Smoothie for a burst of energy and a feel of summer before you head out for the night!

Day 6 - During this spooky Halloween season, don’t forget to make sure your house climate is just right for your happy healthy microgreens!

Day 7 - With all those tasty candies you may get this happy Halloween, don’t forget to boost your immune system too with this comforting soup!

Day 8 - Scare off the vampires this Halloween with Hamama garlic greens!

Day 9 - Keep the Vampires and Ghouls away with Double Garlic Hummus

Day 10 - Treat yourself by starting a new healthy hobby

Day 11 - Practice your magic skills with this Black Magic Smoothie

Day 12 - Trick or Treat! How about both with Microgreen Brownies!

Day 13 - Surprise your cat with the perfect treat!

Day 14 - Conjure up some deliciousness with this Gourmet Grilled Cheese with Tomatoes, Dijon & Basil Microgreens recipe

Day 15 - Bring your green onions back to life with our Green Onion Kit

Day 16 - No tricks here all treats with this Super Green Drink

Day 17 - Give your Seed Quilts and Coco-Mats a second life with these hacks!

Day 18 - This season's freshest veggies and how to use them!

Day 19 - “Treating” your Microgreens to the new weather!

Day 20 - Squeeze your microgreens with these juicing recipes!

Day 21 - How to “Reap” the mental health benefits of plants!

Day 22 - This OO and BV dip is food “ghouls!

Day 23 - Make this eerie-sistable smoothie to impress your friends!

Day 24 - Celebrate the night of the living “Bread” with this Corn and Almond bread recipe!

Day 25 - Make festive Hamama-ween Trick-or-Treats

Day 26 - Bring your Jack-O-Lanterns to life with your Hamama greens!!

Day 27 - Be the life of the party this year with a living costume!

Day 28 - Create a festive Halloween tablescape with your Hamama greens!

Day 29 - Get in Hamama-Ween spirit with orange & black recipes, like this butternut squash soup with red cabbage microgreens

Day 30 - Get your children involved and have fun with our Kid’s Fall Activity Workbook

Day 31 - Trick your loved ones into eating their greens with this Dragonfruit Fruit Rollups recipe!

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